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social engagement: why it’s about your audience

The Process
– Forcing your sales material on your customer or client can be a real turnoff. A dialogue needs to happen first.  Allow them to first be engaged with the subject and be able to add in their own input where it makes sense while keeping your own ‘seagulls’ out of their picture. Giving your audience access to provide some commentary to your brand inside guided parameters gives them power, and you the ability to strengthen a relationship with them! Contact Us for more information!

web presence: taking your brand to the world

web presence
– Once a strong brand foundation has been established it must be incorporated into an equally strong web presence. Each component represented in the digital format must offer consistent messaging, imaging and perception of the brand story. Every facet of these must support the other in order to deliver a unified understanding of the brand’s value, solution and purpose. Contact Us for more information!

branding: foundation of your business

The Strategy
– The messaging that derives from your brand needs to be concise and clear. You should have a defined resonance of images and content that supports that message foundation. If your audience is left to ponder over what you are communicating to try and decipher what you offer or provide then your brand needs to be repositioned. Contact Us for more information!

search: building visibility and traffic


search – If your customer/client is looking for ‘stoves’ please don’t try to sell them ‘range tops’. Not everyone understands internal jargon and won’t adopt it or simply understand it. Be thoughtful to your audience in providing the right search criteria that suits them rather than your internal ‘tech’ department manuscript. Creating the best search criteria for your site or social network goes much farther than that but understanding that providing relevant results for your audience without gaming the system is a critical step. Contact Us for more information!

online marketing: continually growing your market

Online Marketing
online marketing
– Your marketing can reach out into other applications from email marketing campaigns to mobile apps. They all have a consistent brand resonance and message, but how you apply these messages in each of these stratospheres is a technique and understanding of how the interaction is within these channels. The best approach balances an understanding of the audience in that channel, as well as how they engage, communicate and digest information there. Contact Us for more information!

Transforming Your Digital Brand

From Conceptual to Environmental

verticaAs a startup tech company, Vertica stretched its legs into the corporate arena when it was integrated into Hewett Packard as the answer to their small marketshare holdings in the software space.

Vertica had a culture within its doors, and they were not about to let go of that mindset or innovative data influencer brand, even with a big brand moving in. Engage was asked to deliver a brand tie-in that would integrate the big brand compliance priorities without losing the company’s startup messaging.

The problem: Merge the big brand of HP into the innovative, startup mentality of Vertica, the up-and-comer and major data player.

vertica2The Solution: Create a launch event, inviting both current customers and new prospects, to reveal the new brand development. Develop a visual look for the HP |Vertica brand that would appease the big corporate compliance folks while still positioning the original innovative data strategies that Vertica was on the rise for the larger data software brands.

At the launch party, we played a video production of the messaging for the entry area of the company. Another video production of the visual idea of this very intangible and robust big data engine product was shown. The large scale graphics were positioned on the wall in the main gathering area, and the removable, customizable logo placed on the wall in the entryway. New branded metallic signage was displayed at the reception area.

The Result: The internal team loved the outcome, but more importantly the visual design and concepts opened up the big data playing field into a more immediate, understandable structure of what this product could do for its prospects’/clients’ needs.

The client felt the entire brand re-positioning was a success, and more importantly that their audience could identify with the messaging, in turn giving more opportunity to increase company sales.


Every client is different…so our approach is different…

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